Ford GT: Company May Roll Out 500 Models this Year

Ford has been into the automobile from the past 113 years and has delivered some of the first-rate cars ever since its inception. The American automaker company was founded by Henry Ford and its headquarter is in Dearborn. One of the most talked about cars developed by the company is the Ford GT and its outlook and features were inspired by racing cars GT 40. The first ever Ford GT90 concept was unveiled at the Detrioit Auto show which was organized in the year 1995. The car model left the people spellbound as they were highly impressed with and then came the Ford GT40 concept car which was shown at the auto show in the year 2002. The GT resembles the outlook of Ford GT40 concept cars but it is way spacious, and is 76 mm bigger than the 40 model. The new age Ford GT sports a complete different outlook as well as features than the GT40 which was launched way back in 1960 as the concept of Ford GT was inspired from it. However, the rolling out of Ford GT production kick-started from the year 2004 and now all eyes are stuck on the Ford GT 2017 model which is yet to be launched. The 2017 concept car Ford GT has been shown at the North American International Auto Show which was held in the year 2005. It sported a body style of 2-door coupe and a RMR layout. And now it has been said that the company will be rolling out 500 models of Ford GT by the end of this year which means that only few of the people will be able to get their hands on the car.

Few reports say that Ford will be releasing the 2017 GT models until 2020 and each year there will a launch of 1000 cars. So does that mean that Ford is planning launching 400 GT cars by the end of 2020? Well! Nothing can be confirmed at this moment as there is no official announcement regarding the same. On the other hand sources have also pointed out that the company might be launching the cars in two parts which means 500 in the first half of a year and another 500 models in the second half of the year. However, we have to wait to get an insight into the news as Ford has not yet confirmed any of the rumors.

Coming to the price of Ford GT the cars might be available at a cost of $450,000 and this could be the starting price of the car. The bodywork of the GT car is also expected to be totally first rate and some reports state that the Ford GT may be equipped with a 3.5 liter of twin turbo mid engine. The predicted body panels and carbon and fiber construction might not be equipped with the Ford GT, while the company has highlighted that 216 mph will be the car’s top speed.

The news of its speed has already made the buyers extremely thrilled and now they just cannot wait for the new Ford GT to hit the automobile market. The chassis of the car is expected to be outstanding so that it can impress the buyers at a single go. And the cabin is surely going to sport a business like feature which is going to be as classy as expected.

We are sure that whenever the company launches the number of Ford GT cars each and every model will be booked right after the release. So if the customers do not hurry up at that point of time they might miss out on booking the car.

However, the 2017 Ford GT is definitely going to live up to all the expectations.

Fast and Furious 8 Will Challenge The Notions Of Family and Trust

The Fast and Furious franchise is about to have its next installment release in the United States in a few days, and the excitement surrounding the upcoming film has reached a crescendo. Fast and Furious 8, which has been renamed as Fate of the Furious, will be the first installment in the series (after 2006’s Tokyo Drift) to be filmed without Paul Walker. Walker’s character, Brian O’Conner, has been central to the series and Dom’s “family”, but the actor’s tragic demise in 2013 struck his fans hard.

There have been enough controversies about how Fast and Furious 8 will tackle the absence of Walker’s character. But considering the ending of the last film, perhaps Brian and Mia will be absent from the storyline altogether. However, there will be some great things to look forward to in the upcoming film. First things first, we are about to see some awesome new cast additions along with the returning actors.

Fast and Furious 8 Returning Cast

The Fast and Furious franchise returns to screens worldwide with Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Elsa Pataky, Kurt Russell, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, and Tego Calderon. Jason Statham returns from Furious 7 as the brother of Owen Shaw, and Game of Thrones cast regular Nathalie Emmanuel will reprise her role as the hacker genius Ramsey.

Fast and Furious 8 New Cast Additions

The next film’s cast has expanded to include some of the most renowned actors in Hollywood today. To begin with, veteran actor Helen Mirren will make her debut in the franchise with Fast and Furious 8. She will essay the role of the Shaw brothers’ mother, Magdalene Shaw.

Multiple accolade winning actor Charlize Theron will be seen in the capacity of the new villain. Her character, Cipher, is perhaps the most dangerous and manipulative villain we have ever had the pleasure of watching in the history of the franchise. The other characters in the film describe her as the new face of terrorism, and from what we have seen in the trailers, she will threaten everything that Dom’s family has ever stood for.

There is another Game of Thrones favorite who is about to make his debut in the long running franchise- Kristofer Hivju. The Wildling leader will not play a character to root for in the upcoming film, however, as he will also be represented as an antagonist.

Fast and Furious 8 Trailer Highlights

Despite there not being much information about the story of Fast and Furious 8, the trailer has shown some intriguing highlights from the film. We see Dom’s family being torn apart by Charlize Theron’s Cipher, and Dom is forced to go against them. We even see him being forced to betray them as well, with his closest people and allies ending up in prison. The trailer shows Dwayne Johnson’s Hobbs and Jason Statham’s Deckard Shaw ready to go at each other’s throats, but the plot point indicates that the latter will end up becoming an invaluable ally to the gang. We can’t wait to see everyone team up and bring down Cipher.

Wrap Up

Fast and Furious 8, or The Fate of the Furious, has already been released in Berlin. But it premieres on screens in the United States on April 14, 2017. Fans of the series are aware of how the team behind the franchise has always managed to escalate the craziness with each new entry, and the upcoming film will undoubtedly be the biggest we have ever seen in terms of excitement. The question is, however, will this be the very last time that the team will be coming together on screen?

How to Download You TV Player for Windows

As we are getting busier with our daily life, our TV and movie watching habit have also changed accordingly. Earlier we used to rely on the movie broadcasting channels or the nearby theaters to watch the latest or popular movies. As the technology advances, we are now more comfortable watching those on our smartphones. Thus, the popularity of the streaming applications has increased exponentially in the last few years. And when we are talking about the movie and video streaming application, the first name strikes in our head is of YouTV Player.

YouTV Player is famous for the easy and simple interface and has been awarded as the most downloaded streaming application of the last 12 months.  You can watch HD quality movies, TV shows and even cartoons through this app without spending a single penny. Apart from that, another stand alone feature of this application is that it supports Google Chromecast. That means you can directly stream your desired content on your TV screen from your handset, through the application. Moreover, this amazing streaming application comes with various TV channels of different genres, such as sports, music, movies, fashion, cartoon and many more. YouTV Player also facilitates its users by providing them the option to save their favorite videos and movies and also to protect them with proper password.

So after reading all these awesome features, you must be itching to download the YouTV Player on Windows PC. But as this streaming application is an Android based application you can not officially run it on Windows-based desktop or laptop. So you need an Android emulator to successfully run YouTV Player on Windows PC. Android emulator is basically software which mimics Android on your device so that you can run any Android based application without your device actually having Android, with the help of the emulator’s online interface. We have described the process to download YouTV Player on Windows PC thoroughly below. Check it out:

Step 1: To start the process, first go to BlueStack’s official website and download the Android emulator on your Windows laptop or desktop.

Step 2: As soon as you have successfully download the BlueStacks on your Windows PC, start installing the emulator.

Step 3: Now download the YouTV Player APK file from the internet.

Step 4: Now go to the ‘Download’ folder of your Windows PC, right click on the apk file and open the file through BlueStacks player.

Step 5: Finally, the installation process of the YouTV Player will start automatically and it will take only a couple of minute to complete. When the installation process will be finished, you can notice the app’s logo on the BlueStacks menu bar.

So friends, download YouTV player for Windows today and start watching your favorite movies, TV shows and channels for free of cost.

Best Drones For Agriculture

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or commonly known as Drones are commercially used from the 1980’s. They have their need in various fields with advanced technologies and robust investments it has found its place in agriculture. From monitoring the crops to water them there various kinds of Drones available in the market which helps higher end farmers profusely. The farmer can either buy a drone for his own use or hire a third party Drone specialist for his needs. In this article let us look at the roles of Drones in the agriculture area.

  • Analysis of the land

Drones are useful from the start in agriculture. They can be used to analysis the soil and to design maps to plan for seed plantation. Once planting is done drones can be used to plan for irrigation and fertilizer usage.

  • Planting

There are initiatives to create a drone specifically for planting the seeds. The drone is designed to be shooting the seeds with required fertilizer or mineral into the soil. The seeds take the necessary nutrients from them and start to grow.

  • Irrigation

Drones can be also used in spraying water to the cultivated plants. Drones are built with ultrasonic echoing technique enabling them to adjust their elevation according to the geography of the land. This method is useful to maintain a certain a height from the plants and spray water with added mineral to the plants. It’s a highly recommended system as it prevents the chemicals penetrating the soil, efficiently uses water and can cover a wide area in lesser time. Drones also have thermal sensors which can identify the areas where the crops are dry and need more water. It also senses the density of the crop in a particular area and sprays water according to the need.

  • Supervises the Crops

Vast area of farms increases the difficulty in monitoring the crops efficiently. In case of natural calamities, external attack or any disease in the crops can be easily supervised with the help of drones. Satellite images were used in the olden days for this purpose but it has limitations including cost, poor image quality and unable to get images during a foggy day. But drones have eradicated all these short comings as they are predictable and more cost effective in monitoring the crops.

  • Maintains Crop Health

Drones while making their supervising trips are able to detect bacterial or fungal infections and analyze the health of crops. The cameras attached to the drones can specify the nature and extent of the infection. The accurate and the reliable detection enable the farmer to take remedial measures immediately against the diseases.

Thus Drones are a real boon to Agricultural development and they help the farmers in a lot of ways. Though the cost of Drones seems to be expensive now, there are research going on to invent more economic and more farmer- friendly drones which will become a milestone in the agricultural development of the world.

we are doing details review of all the products and suggest the user our best products reviews for buyer. do not forget to check our site before parching any product

iPhone 8 Release Date and Speculations

Apple has been dominating the technology sector ever since its inception and the list of Smartphones under the iPhone series have always been well received by the users. The flagship phones might be a little expensive for most of them but that hasn’t stopped the Apple fanatics from buying the Smartphones. The iPhone 7 which was launched on September 16, 2016 became the successor to iPhone 6S and 6S Plus and is currently ruling the tech world. Few of the tech fanatics were not quite impressed by the fact that Apple decided to eliminate the 3.5 mm headphone jack from the device but most of them have been highly overwhelmed by the iPhone 7. It is quite obvious that Apple is going to come up with the iPhone 8 and its variants, but the question which arises right now is when will the device hit the markets? Few reports have highlighted that the iPhone 8 might get launched somewhere around September 2018 but nothing has been officially confirmed yet.

A lot of people might hope that Apple may launch the iPhone 7S before the iPhone 8 but surprisingly the American multinational technology company doesn’t seem to come up with the iPhone 7S and that indeed is a major upgrade. Therefore, all that we can expect right now is the launch of iPhone 8 along with its variants. Nevertheless, reports say that the iPhone 8 might come up with a wireless charging feature and this speculation might turn out to be true as quite a few flagship phones which are about to hit the markets is expected to sport that particular feature.

Speculations are at rife that the upcoming iPhone 8 might be equipped with a glass back instead of a metal one and the SIM tray of the device might be shifted to some other place. A Ferrari red variant of the device can also be expected from the tech giants and it is said that the particular variant will come up with a borderless OLED screen. And the major change in the iPhone 8 might be eliminating the physical presence of the home button, and this particular rumor can also be quite expected from the tech giants as quite a few reports have shed light on it.

It has also been said that the users can expect the iPhone 8 to be equipped with an advanced and faster A11 processor with an edge-to-edge display. And the outlook of the device is also expected to be more appealing than its predecessors as the iPhone 8 might sport a glass body. And there might be three variants of the device.

Nevertheless, the speculations which are doing the rounds right now regarding the upcoming iPhone 8 might not be officially confirmed by the device is surely going to be more powerful than its predecessors.

5 of the Best Value for Money Car Battery

We have long countered the problem going in as to what the best value of car battery represents. Well to be fair, one of the toughest tests of a car battery is definitively in the winter climate when the temperature dips below freezing conditions. Add to the performance metrics that demand better leeway and maintenance free options.

Guess we could then top it up with price factors. And there we have our best value-for-money spectrum. We thought of compiling a list of favorable batteries that match with our spectrum. We looked through the catalog of offerings and outlined the best picks accordingly in our entry down below.

Read along as we begin our entry on the ‘5 of the Best Value for Money Car Battery’.

5)DieHard North Car Battery

Part of the DieHard product catalog that offers superior performance overall, this one is a great option to have. It has a reliable performance metrics and offers substantial amp ratings.

The battery is known to work even in the coarse working conditions and is maintenance free. It also has a pro-rated replacement warranty.

Price- $ 68  

4)Duralast Gold Car Battery 

Majorly found in the AutoZone Stores, this battery is part of the Duralast Gold Series and is on par with the DieHard ones we mentioned earlier. It has 800+ cold cranking amp that offers perfectly working mechanism even in the harshest of weathers.

It has a large reserves capacities and features a maintenance-free design. A definitive value for money deal.

Price- $ 75

3)EverStart Car Battery  

EverStart series is manufactured under the helm of high-end brand name battery producers and that makes it a worthwhile investment. It is Walmart-exclusive and has optimum performance rankings.

It offers a perfect bit of working in extreme climates and has maintenance free battery. You just need to add a small portion of distilled water on a periodical term with it.

Price- $ 93.76

2)AC Delco 60 Series Car Battery

One of the rarest piece of a car battery with great performance equipped in an affordable scale. It goes through a strict quality control and is reliable to work on every possible condition.

The battery has a corrosion free terminal and stores large reservoir that can hold the charge for a longer period. The battery is maintenance free in nature and has a full replacement limited warranty.

Price- $ 97.15

1)Kirkland Signature Car Battery

Part of the Costco’s in-house brand, this one modeled as Kirkland Signature is one of the best one found in the market these days. The definitive value for money car battery, it features optimum performance and amp ratings that give a run of the money to bigger brands.

It has a cold-weather performance level that are unmatched by its counterparts and is able to function in toughest of winter temperatures. The battery is priced fairly and offers great leeway. In fact, you could also count in out as an absolute bargain of a piece.

Price- $ 77.10

Any picks for you among these? Don’t shy away. Share it with us via the comment box down below.

LG G6 Comes with Waterproofing Abilities, Wireless Charging Teased for MWC 2017 Launch

According to the latest news we get to hear that the year 2017 is going to be big for several big smart phone manufacturing companies who are going to come up with their latest flagship that is going to redefine the term revolutionary. Coming to the MWC 2017 there are going to be several big dhot companies that are going to launch their latest flagship and companies like Samsung and Apple among the many are not steeping back with their production. LG has also made it a point to not lag behind and showcase their latest flagship which they assure is going to take over the market and be a strong competitor for other companies. Last year LG G5 was criticized for its modular design and was not really a popular choice among critics. Now, with the LG G6, the company claims to come up with a device that will fulfill all the needs of the users. The company has been teasing features of its new flagship scheduled to be announced in February, and according to the latest teaser the smart phone is going to have waterproofing abilities, a big screen, and a good grip design. In this article, we discuss these features along with providing some other information about the smart phone LG G6.

The company came up with a teaser video that shows all the demands of a customer from a smart phone, and promises to fulfill it in its February smart phone release this year. Considering the launch time-frame, it can be seen that the device will be unveiled at MWC 2017. Speaking of the video, the LG G6 is going to come with waterproofing abilities. If this is true, then this will be the first smart phone from the company to sport water resistance. The video also hints that the smart phone will be more durable, less prone to screen cracks on fall, and have a large display screen fit into a compact body. LG has adopted the use of heat pipes, a cooling system that is often used in notebook computers and tablets. The main concept is that it basically involves the use of copper material to carry heat away from the CPU, the source of the heat, and diffuse it to other areas. LG has made it a point that the heat does not include the battery, which could become a fire hazard. Days back LG launched the 5.7-inch QHD+ (1440×2880 pixels) display with an aspect ratio of 18:9 and pixel density of 564ppi. This display has been designed to provide users with an amazing viewing experience along with enabling the users with the capability of multi-tasking or using dual-screen feature. LG G6 is expected to be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor paired with 6GB of RAM. The smart phone packs a removable battery with Quick Charge 4.0 and it may come with wireless charging as well. The body will be made with a mix of metal and glass, and have a USB Type-C port. do not forget to check our detail coverage of Galaxy S8.

Coming to the price of the LG G6, it is expected to price just like its previous releases. So the price is going to be somewhere between $500 to $600 which will be roughly Rs. 34,000 to Rs.41,000. Thus, we this we fell that this smart phone is going to be revolutionary and something that all the users are looking forward to.

When and Where Are We Going To See GTA Next: GTA 6 Release Date and Locations

Rockstar may stay mum about the upcoming GTA games, but that does not stop us from speculating about the release dates, locations and side missions. We have a long list of things we want and a longer one of how we want them to be served in the game.


But before we get into our wishlists and expected changes, let us give you a good news. The latest word from our trusted sources has put the release date somewhere in the third quarter of 2021. We know this is a little later than we had anticipated, but when the big bosses fight the gamers sometimes have to pay the price.

How do we know 2021 is the release date?

Have you seen the Los Santos airport in GTA 5? Have you seen a door with 2013 scribbled on it? 2013 is the year GTA 5 hit the stores for PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles and that is no secret. So when our player spotted 2021 scribbled quite conspicuously on the next door in the same area they couldn’t help but join the dots.

We were anticipating a release by 2019 before the fight between Leslie Benzies and the GTA brothers, Sam and Dan Houser broke out. After the huge compensation and cost of multiple lawsuits, it was evident that the development of the sixth edition would be deterred. And now, as per the Easter eggs unearthed from Grand Theft Auto 5, we can see the sixth edition release in 2021 worldwide for all consoles.

We have a word on the possible locations

We cannot yet pinpoint to one particular location on the map, but we can definitely tell you the three most probable cities where the sixth generation of speed, thrill and adrenaline will be based.

Location 1:


While people were already talking about London for a while, Rockstar did nothing to back those predictions up. Now, Sernandoe, a dedicated GTA patron and YouTuber has spotted an Easter egg in the skating arena of GTA 5. The wall beside the garage has a huge inscription that says “liberty city”. In some way, it resembles London. So the chances of Grand Theft Auto 6 landing up in the Queen’s city are quite potent.

Location 2:

Vice City

Vice City was always a happening location for the GTA franchise. We have been to VC more than once in the past with Rockstar North and now it may be time again to visit this awesome city of brilliant sunsets and thrilling crimes.

Players notices a towel on the Vespucci beach during the GTA 5 gameplay that has “I Love VC” printed in bold. While, VC can definitely stand for Vice City, most of us are already too thrilled to think of any other possibility.

Location 3:

North Yankton

Did you notice the return tickets in Michael’s home before he left to stop Trevor? They said North Yankton and each of them had the phrase “Fly U6”, just like the flying billboard from GTA IV (that was the GTA IV Easter egg). Michael uses only one ticket to go to North Yankton but does not fly back using the other one. This leaves an open end and a huge possibility that GTA 6 will take us to North Yankton.

If you are already geared up about GTA 6, we would suggest you to go give GTA 5 a thorough play. Who knows how many more Easter eggs are waiting to be discovered? we can wait for other games like Sims 5 .

How to use SnapTube for Advanced Streaming

With the addition of many applications every year makes it remarks in Play store, but there are developers who wish to launch their application through play store some of them make it work and some of them not. Here the point is, if they pitched some of the great reviews among users and then took down from play store. This could be actually done in two worse case scenarios, first either the application is illegal or causing harm through cyber communication to users or providing something substantial that other developed applications in play store could lose their spark because of them.


Why this witty way to explain the case is, there are huge demand in the market for video downloader from various platforms like YouTube, Vevo, Vimeo, Skytube, Liveleak, Soundcloud, Instagram and others. There are actually few of the applications presented in and outside of the play store for this, but one especially operational on more than 24 sites is SnapTube.

SnapTube is by far one of the application from which users can download the video or the audio of the video without any extra additional encoding plug-in. And to install this application, you need to make SnapTube Apk download on your device.

Here is all what SnapTube has it-

Design: when we take a first look of the installed application comes with white background and red marked ribbon with options button. Looks sorted and functional with having over more than 24 sites to download any stream able videos and music has an edge over others. The search box gives you suggestions and if you swipe through left or right, also provides you with pick of the day, most watched videos and other recommended videos according to user search history in different genres.

Performance: if we talk about the usage and the performance of this app, SnapTube is easy, fast and simple to use, it is made in a way by which anybody can explore and download videos in a very convenient way. It also allows users preference about the quality of video they would like to download to the phone.

Accessibility: it is operational from both within the app to manage downloads and also from phone storage to view any of the downloaded videos. Its space saving rather than installing applications of these 24 sites which includes most popular sites like YouTube and Facebook, one could cut few of the megabytes occupying extra space on your smart phone.

Video & Audio: for video the “SnapTube Ready” feature works best and share with the application in order to download the videos immediately and on the other side “SnapTube killer” features lets its users download any of the audio from the video they would like to capture and store. These both features will not only save storage space but makes the whole process so detailed and smart in a more efficient manner.

I would love to see people downloading this by reading the article.

Best Gift Ideas of New Year 2017 — Check Now!

New Year is one of the biggest events/occasions of our life. This occasion is held worldwide with a grand celebration and as you know any celebration is incomplete without gifts or present. So if you want to give a catchy and unique present to your close or loved one then this will definitely help you. Explore unique and new ideas for your family and friends on this Happy New Year 2017.

happy new year gift ideas

New Year 2017- Unique Gift Ideas

Personalized New Year Gifts

You can think about a unique piece of gift which is personalized by you. It is the new trend of recent years. You can make a cake or cookies or can make a card by yourself.  If you bake cookies with name and then send as a gift. The receiver will at cloud nine to see your effort.


There is almost no one who doesn’t love cakes. Cake is the simplest thing which attract almost everyone heart. So if you think to gift a cake to someone then you will think the right option. There are so many variety and flavor. Choose which one is perfect for you and gift it to that special person. He/She will certainly appreciate you.

Wine and Vodka shot glasses

You can also think about Wine and Vodka shot glasses. It comes set of six goblets. We need this kind of things for various purposes. So if someone gets this kind of useful gift, she or he will be surely very glad.

Bottle of wine or champagne with name engraved

A perfect gift for this New Year is a bottle of fine wine or champagne. Wine is the classy gift as you know. So you can blindly give a bottle of old wine and champagne to your special persons.  You can make it more special by etching your name on the bottle’s neck.

DIY Calendar

You can make a Diy-Calender with assembling the sweet memories of last year. You can make a collage of collected pictures and select the perfect for each month. This present has its own worth to your friends or family member. This would undoubtedly touch everyone’s heart. check for some New Year Images to make DIY calender.

Chocolate Box

Last but not the least is a tray full of chocolates or Chocolate box. Sweet is all time favorite and chocolate is darling of it.  You can gift this item to anyone and they will obviously love to have this type of present on New Year.